Kindle vs Kobo

Kindle vs Kobo - a comparison

The Kobo book reader was recently launched by Borders here in Australia and has a current price tag of $199 AUD. It comes with it's own E-Ink screen, a claimed 2 weeks battery life, and storage for over 1000 books. It weighs 221 gras and measures about 120mm wide x 184mm in height and is 10mm thick. With the recent price drop for the Kindle, the difference in price is marginal however the features vary quite markedly.

Some of the definining differences include;

• Storage Capacity – The Kindle 2 will store between 50%-100% more books as standard, although the Kobo's memory can be expanded using the SD card expansion slot that can allow up to 4GB of memory.

• Querty Keyboard - While the Kindle 2 features a QWERTY keyboard, the Kobo has four simple navigation keys on the lefthand side and a D-pad down in the bottom right-hand corner. The Kobo navigation is certainly easier to master for the new user however anyone who uses even a mobile phone will find both devices very simple to use.

• Left & Right Hand Navigation – Kindle’s use of page navigation buttons on the left and right hand side enables easy navigation in either hand. This is something lacking in the Kobo.

• Font Sizes and Grey Scale - The Kindle comes with 16 levels of grey scale and 6 font sizes which means finer grades of text density for ease of reading. The Kobo has 5 font sizes and 8 levels of grey scale.

• Wireless Purchase/Downloads - The Kindle has built-in worldwide 3G connectivity that allows users to buy books directly from the website without having to touch a computer or browser. The wireless service is free and books can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds. The Kobo requires ebooks to be purchased through the Borders online store via a computer, with synchronisation of the device using a USB cable.